Is Video Right for Your Business?

Large businesses have always embraced video marketing in the form of television advertising. For businesses who could not afford this luxury, it seemed they would have to stick to advertising through traditional methods.

That is no longer the case. Businesses of all sizes can benefit through video marketing in the most popular of all mediums, the internet. The cost of producing a professional video is now affordable to everyone. And marketing your video online has never been easier.

But is video the right way to promote your product or business? If you’ve never produced a television ad, you may not be sure. But in most cases a short promotional video can have a tremendous positive effect on your business.

Let’s face it, we love to watch videos. People would rather watch a video about your company or product than read about it. In order to stay current, you need to be aware of and adopt this medium in your marketing mix.

Done effectively, a video can add a viral component to your company’s web site. When you produce a video, it takes on a life all its own. It can be viewed by thousands or even millions of people, posted to blogs and web sites, and emailed around the world. If your video is tailored to meet the viewer’s expectations, with your company’s contact information, you will effectively be reaching unlimited potential customers.

It really doesn’t matter what type of business you are in or how large that business is, you can benefit from professionally-made videos. All types of businesses are now embracing video on their sites, like local businesses, major national companies, ad agencies, estate agencies, and non-profit organizations. Exposure through the internet costs next to nothing, and the benefits can be enormous. Online video is the perfect medium for your company’s message.

What Kinds of Videos Are There?

What kind of video is right for your business? It can be virtually anything, depending on the type of business or product marketed. You can produce everything from product demonstrations, television commercials, your CEO’s personal message, your organisation’s mission, your organisation’s campaign for donations, training videos and company events, to real estate walk-throughs.

Here are some examples:

Charity Organisations: Make an emotional appeal video. Make a video introducing your charity and let viewers know how their donations help your cause. Post videos on your web site, and submit to major video sites. 

Local Businesses: Sales and marketing videos are excellent ways to demonstrate new products and services to potential customers.

Major Businesses: Demonstrate new products and services to potential customers and create brand awareness. Make a video annual report and save on paper costs. Train employees with training videos anywhere in the world. Welcome video for new customers or employees. 

Community Web sites: Show what is going on in the community with a video.

Tourism: Like community site videos, show why your town or village is ideal for visitors.

Events/Seminars/Presentations: Bring your viewers to events they might not otherwise be able to attend. Better still, edit for the most interesting bits!

Government: Create public information videos, tell people about the good things you are doing with taxpayer’s money.

Schools: Promote your school by showing students in their element and emphasise the benefit of the outstanding teaching practices you deliver.

Goods-Oriented Businesses: Display product demonstrations with benefits, and how the viewer can buy it. Shoot testimonials from people who use your products.

Retailers: Use video to promote your retail store(s). Videos can be general in nature or geared to a more specific promotion.

Direct Sales: Videos are a great method of showing your product and then asking for the sale. It is the online equivalent of a real live salesperson. You can direct buyers to call you or visit your web site to order your product or service.

Product Support: Not all videos have to generate new business. Videos are also an excellent way to provide customer support for existing customers. Consider some of the most common customer questions and problems and make videos that address those issues. Your customers can solve issues themselves, you provide them with a useful service, and also reduce your company’s support calls and costs.

Product Training: Create videos for internal purposes. You can reach your salespeople wherever they are in the world without having to fly them to a central location and put them up at a hotel. Create a short series of training videos, upload them to your company’s web site and provide access to your salespeople.

Health Clubs and Recreation Centres: Show the benefits of a healthy lifestyle received by joining your club.

How can MUXI help?

Muxi can shoot a professional video at your convenience in your place of business. Afterwards, we will edit and can add professional graphics, royalty-free music, voiceovers, text and titling, including how to contact you, for when your video is viewed outside of your web site.

We can also market your video through SEO and submissions to major video sites at your request.

In addition we offer professional web design, customised to include your video.


Muxi are a dedicated team of television, multimedia and web design professionals who can handle your entire video project, from conception to production, post-production, design and marketing. We create Ultra High-Definition videos (4K UHD), and strive for the best possible quality when creating your video.